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While marijuana is legal in California for adults over the age of 21, teenagers are prohibited from using the substance because of the effects it can have on the developing brain. Nonetheless, teens continue to use and become addicted to marijuana. At EXIS Youth in West Los Angeles, California, a team of experienced adolescent mental health providers, led by co-founders Elena Bagourdi, PhD, and Polly Preventza, PhD, offers customized marijuana addiction treatment. If you’re concerned about your teenager’s marijuana use, call EXIS Youth to schedule an appointment today.

Marijuana Addiction Treatment Q & A

What is marijuana addiction?

Marijuana, like other substances such as alcohol and tobacco, can be addictive and lead to negative psychological and physical consequences, especially in the still-developing brains and bodies of adolescents. Marijuana is one of the most readily available and used substances among teenagers.

Addiction occurs when you experience persistent and uncontrollable urges to use marijuana, despite the harmful effects it has on other aspects of your life. 

You might find that you do things you wouldn’t normally do to get the drug, like lie or steal. Drug use changes your brain chemistry, which can increase both your urges to use the substance and your tolerance to the drug. 

What are the signs of marijuana addiction?

Many of the signs of marijuana use might not be noticeable. However, your child might start to demonstrate:

  • Paranoia
  • Overeating
  • Reduced motor functions
  • Anxiety
  • Reduced cognitive skills

Other signs of marijuana addiction include mood swings, diminished learning, frequent respiratory infections, panic attacks, and memory loss. 

Medical researchers are still studying the long-term effects of marijuana use on the teenage brain. Early results indicate that regular marijuana use as a teenager leads to reduced cognitive abilities later in life, which could have a profound effect on their ability to attain higher education and professional success. 

What is marijuana addiction treatment?

The team at EXIS Youth provides customized marijuana addiction treatment plans to help your child recover from their addiction and change their behaviors. 

The team offers individual, group, and family therapy. They use evidence-based therapeutic techniques to help your child explore and resolve the issues that led to their marijuana use and addiction. Your child also learns strategies to change their behavior and make healthier choices. 

EXIS Youth also offers experiential therapy, including recreational therapy, yoga, mindfulness, meditation, and art therapy. Experiential therapy helps your child develop confidence and learn new ways to express themselves. 

What should I do if I think my child is abusing marijuana?

If you’re concerned that your child is abusing marijuana or showing signs of addiction, you can talk to them in a non-confrontational manner. 

You should also schedule an appointment at EXIS Youth for a professional evaluation. The team is experienced in addiction treatment and can provide the help your child needs.

Call EXIS Youth to make an appointment today and get your child started on the path to marijuana addiction treatment.